OxyGen Code Generator 3.7

OxyGen Code Generator 3.7



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Date Added:08 February, 2013

Author: TECH-IS INC.

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Generates source code for the Data Access, Business, Service & UI Layers of a .NET application. Outputs include Stored Procedures for the Data Layer, a data provider class for the Data Access Layer along with data entity objects. For the Business Layer, a cache is available along with the Domain Model. The Business Layer is exposed through WCF SOAP or REST, XML Web Services and ASP.NET. Search, Paging & Table Inheritance included. Customizeable output Version 3.7 adds support for Visual Studio 2012. Version 3.6 of OxyGen Code Generator introduces code generation for Wcf Rest. The Wcf Rest feature address all the issues that would have typically made the auto generation of a Rest service difficult to implement the major highlights of version 3.5 of the generated code are: 1. support for oracle. 2. inclusion of a business context. 3. inclusion of a service context. 4. inclusion of the messaging pattern-style code for the service interface. new ocms features includes 5. streamlining of the custom code registration feature (see the register classes and methods tab) 6. a new OCsinstead ofOCO processing instruction 7. xml storage for processing instructions (moved from the extended properties feature of microsoft sql server.) 8. a new virtual schemas feature (mimics database schemas) 9. extended support for visual studio 2010 plus clr 4.0
Requirements: .NET Framework 2.0

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows2003

Tags: wcf   rest   code generator   WCF Generator   .Net Code Generator   api generator   Web Services Generator   data source paging   search   caching   ASP NET Generator   C Generator   DAL Generator   Stored Procedure Generator   data entry application generator  

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